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Too Busy For Hair Salons |

Too Busy For Hair Salons

Two things that I’m guilty of are, loving all things purple and trying to make everything myself. I’ve been known to make my own tomato sauce, bread and scarves – which has now extended to my desire to manage my own hair color. I have used a number of items from Sally’s Beauty Supply in the past, including the Color Remover and the Lightener.

My love for purple, of course, influences my hair color desires. This leads to me to my latest experiments… the bleach shampooing method and purple hair dyes.

I followed the Pinterest-found bleach shampooing article and it completely impressed me. I tend to have allergic reactions to, well… almost anything. This method really is the scaredy-cats way out, when you’re terrified of what just plain bleach will do to your hair, or you just want to go up 1 or 2 shades. The smell is better, it’s easier on your hair and the effects are manageable.

12917776_1051525778247301_1983137372_nThen I moved onto the purple! I had two bottles on hand, and I decided the Ion Color – Radiant Purple for my roots, and the Raw Color – Deep Purple for the bottom of my hair, since the bottom is darker from a previous henna coloring I had.

Boy, was it a surprise when I washed AND WASHED my hair, then blow dried it to see the result. The Raw Color worked beautifully, and the Ion looked like it didn’t show up at ALL! While I know most people bleach their hair to almost white prior to using this product, but it should have at least tinted my hair.

20160330_091012I went ahead and used the leftover Raw Color on the roots where the Ion Color barely showed up… and I love it! It’s a nice even color and it’s really what I was aiming for.
For the Raw Color – Deep Purple:
Positives: Great smell, easy to apply and color is exactly as described.
Negatives: It is VERY inky, get ready to scrub down the entire bathtub (I covered the sink in foil before and used gloves during wash out.)

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